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Dr. Timothy Uyeki

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0:00 - Introduction/Work on 2000 Ebola outbreak in Uganda

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Partial Transcript: This is Sam Robson, here today with Tim Uyeki.

Keywords: field laboratories; isolation; pediatrics; polymerase chain reaction (PCR); quarantine; residency; samples; specimens; standard operating procedures (SOPs); STOP; testing; Viral Special Pathogens Branch (VSPB); WHO

Subjects: Ebola virus disease; Gulu District (Uganda); poliomyelitis; Uganda; World Health Organization

5:59 - Recruitment to CDC's 2014 Ebola response/Summary of role as lead of clinical team

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Partial Transcript: I hadn’t worked on Ebola since until I got a call from Inger [K.] Damon, who was the incident manager, and I distinctly remember getting a call on August 1st at 11:55 am, and Inger asked me to work on the CDC Ebola response as the clinical team lead and to get on a conference call in five minutes at noon.

Keywords: clinicians; communication; drugs; experimental; I. Damon; investigational new drugs (INDs); K. Brantly; liaison; physicians; Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital; therapies; treatments

Subjects: Africa, West; Bellevue Hospital; Brantly, Kent; Ebola virus disease; Emory University Hospital; National Institutes of Health (U.S.); Nebraska Medical Center; United States Food and Drug Administration

11:23 - Uyeki's various responsibilities as lead of CDC's clinical response team

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Partial Transcript: What are some of the initial things that you have to deal with when Patient One comes in August 2nd?

Keywords: Brantly, Kent; Ebola virus disease; Emory University Hospital; Frieden, Tom

Subjects: conversations; data sharing; discussions; experimental; exposures; hydration; investigational new drugs (INDs); K. Brantly; nursing; personally identifiable information (PII); persons under investigation (PUIs); phone calls; sample transport; science; Serious Communicable Disease Unit (SDCU); shipments; side effects; specimen transport; supportive care; T. Frieden; teleconferences; therapies; Viral Special Pathogens Branch (VSPB); ZMapp

23:36 - What kind of information was shared

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Partial Transcript: Can you give me an example of a specific piece of information that, this is something that people need to know, let’s share this in the teleconference?

Keywords: Ebola virus disease; Frieden, Tom

Subjects: communication; critical care; diarrhea; discussion; experimental; facilitation; intensive care; interventions; investigational; liaison; natural history; progression; science; signs; symptoms; T. Frieden; teleconferences; therapies; timeline; timing; transmission; viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHFs)

31:16 - Planning the Monrovia Medical Unit (MMU)

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Partial Transcript: One of the other things—well, I was involved with many things, but I was involved with the planning for the Monrovia Medical Unit.

Keywords: Liberia

Subjects: conversations; discussions; Ebola treatment units (ETUs); facilitation; healthcare worker education; liaison; Monrovia Medical Unit (MMU); partners; science; teleconferences; trainings; United States government (USG)