Global Health Chronicles

Leah Moriarty

David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles


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00:01:21 - Youth and education

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Partial Transcript: Thank you for that. And now we will shift back drastically. Can you tell me when and where you were born?

Keywords: AFAWI; HIV/AIDS; communications; healthcare; psychology; sports; theater; volunteering

Subjects: AIDS (Disease)--Africa; American University (Washington, D.C.); Cape Town (South Africa); France; French language; Ghana; Newton (Mass.); ONE Campaign (Organization); South Africa; U2 (Musical group)

00:16:00 - Peace Corps in Senegal

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Partial Transcript: They knew I was applying to Peace Corps, so at that point I was like, I’m going to apply to Peace Corps. I want to do global health

Keywords: A. Diatta; D. Puhl; M. Sarathy; Malinké; S. Riggs; applications; bicycles; bikes; cervical cancer; flight; friends; health infrastructure; healthcare; hospitals; host families; injuries; injury; languages; medicine; midwifery; midwives; nurses; parents; rural; screenings; trainings

Subjects: Dakar (Senegal); French language; Mali; Mandingo (African people); Senegal; University of Illinois at Chicago; Wolof (African people)

00:41:37 - MPH at Emory University

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Partial Transcript: Interesting. So what happens after Peace Corps?

Keywords: emergencies; emergency response; epidemiology; global health; immunization; infant health; master of public health (MPH); public health; vaccination

Subjects: Emory University

00:46:19 - Starting work at CDC/Watching CDC's Ebola response start up

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Partial Transcript: Then when it came to applying for jobs, which was terrible, applying to jobs, I was like oh, I haven’t done this kind of ever because I stepped into that position at ONE and then just did Peace Corps.

Keywords: ORISE; Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (OPHPR); R. Garza; full-time equivalent staff (FTEs); funding; money

Subjects: French language; Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

00:51:00 - Getting involved in CDC's Ebola response

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Partial Transcript: So this was all happening, I got the FTE and then I’m in the returned Peace Corps network at CDC, like listserv thing, and they sent an email that was like, we need people with global experience who speak French.

Keywords: R. Garza; R. Novak; borders; clusters; high-risk non-affected countries (HRNA); importation; spread

Subjects: Bamako (Mali); BlackBerry (Smartphone); Mali; Senegal

00:56:07 - Contact tracing in Mali

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Partial Transcript: So we just started. We went in, and they had set up an emergency operations center, the COU

Keywords: anxiety; community trust; contact tracing; data; emergency operations centers (EOCs); fear; hospitals; meetings; nongovernmental organizations (NGOs); partners; stigma; surveillance; work conditions

Subjects: Mali

01:02:41 - Working with Pierre Rollin/Finding a niche

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Partial Transcript: But another cool thing, because they were so worried, they called in Pierre Rollin, who is the expert on Ebola.

Keywords: Malinké; P. Rollin; communication; community trust; contact tracing; families; languages

Subjects: Bambara language

01:06:28 - Communicating what to do with potential Ebola cases/Contact tracing starts to work

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Partial Transcript: So we would be doing that and then—I think the last two people were in the ETU and it looked like—so you follow these people

Keywords: Ebola treatment units (ETUs); P. Rollin; case definitions; lamination; laminators; standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Subjects: CDC Foundation

01:10:44 - Maintaining vigilance as the outbreak in Mali ended

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Partial Transcript: So it was starting to end. I had signed on to stay for six weeks but everyone else, they were like, we can only stay for a month.

Keywords: A. Demma; A. MacGurn; A. N'Dir; R. Narra; S. Sow; borders; industry; migration; mines; mining

01:15:24 - Preparing for a massive religious event/Subsequent deployment to assess Ebola preparedness

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Partial Transcript: Then we were starting to prepare for this religious festival thing called Maloud where there were, I think, over one hundred thousand people

Keywords: R. Narra; WHO; emergency preparedness; holidays; personal protective equipment (PPE); religion; religious leaders; standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Subjects: Bamako (Mali); Islam; World Health Organization

01:20:11 - Getting to know Ryan Novak

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Partial Transcript: Can you tell me about meeting Ryan and working with Ryan?

Keywords: J. Mathieu; P. Rollin; R. Novak; bean sandwiches; eggs; food; love; teamwork

Subjects: Africa, West; Mali; Senegal; Thanksgiving

01:25:36 - Work with Malian counterparts

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Partial Transcript: I love to hear about people’s country counterparts, the people they worked with in-country, and it sounds like you worked with N’Dir a lot?

Keywords: A. N'Dir; Epi Info; Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA); M. Bartee; M. Paczkowski; data; interpersonal dynamics

Subjects: Mali

01:30:51 - Reflections on working in emergency response/Career plans

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Partial Transcript: You had mentioned that when you were in public health school, I think it was in public health school, that you realized that doing something that’s more immediate is good, being involved in emergency situations.

Keywords: EIS; PhD; emergency response; field epidemiology

Subjects: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.). Epidemic Intelligence Service; Islam