Global Health Chronicles

Jatin Hiranandani

David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles


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0:00 - Introduction/Summary of West African Ebola response activities

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Partial Transcript: This is Sam Robson here with Mr. Jatin Hiranandani.

Keywords: eHealth Africa; IMC; K. Amen

Subjects: International Medical Corps

1:37 - Early life and education in Sierra Leone/Involvement in the mining industry

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Partial Transcript: Backing up, would you mind just telling me when and where you were born?

Keywords: diamonds; districts; geology; IMC; mining; travel

Subjects: Freetown (Sierra Leone); International Medical Corps; Sierra Leone--History--Civil War, 1991-2002

6:34 - Getting involved in logistics for humanitarian missions

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Partial Transcript: And you were here in Freetown during this?

Keywords: logistics; RA International; rebels; violence; war

Subjects: ECOMOG; Sierra Leone--History--Civil War, 1991-2002; South Sudan; Sudan; United States. Department of State

11:28 - Deciding to return to Sierra Leone to help stop Ebola/Starting to work with International Medical Corps

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Partial Transcript: So I suppose we got up to 2014. 2014 comes around.

Keywords: ambulances; community liaison; community trust; cultural sensitivity; Ebola treatment units (ETUs); fear; flights; health communications; IMC; local authorities; Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS); National Ebola Response Center (NERC); quarantine; RA International; traveler screening; volunteering

Subjects: International Medical Corps

20:49 - Building and operating an Ebola treatment unit/Some colleagues in IMC

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Partial Transcript: I’m sorry, back to the Ebola treatment center in the north. How long did you have to build this thing?

Keywords: architecture; British military; construction; H. Ibrahim; IMC; infection prevention and control (IPC); leadership; S. Grindley; S. Marah; T. Lyon; Y. Mahendra

Subjects: Bombali District (Sierra Leone); International Medical Corps; Port Loko (Sierra Leone)

25:42 - Comparing Ebola work with previous humanitarian work

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Partial Transcript: Working those two shifts--I mean, I know that you had worked in some very difficult areas beforehand of course.

Keywords: emergencies; mental health; self-care

27:39 - Taking over an ETU in Kambia

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Partial Transcript: So, there was the first Ebola treatment center built in Lunsar

Keywords: A. Rangel

Subjects: Kambia (Sierra Leone : District); Partners in Health (Organization); United States. Agency for International Development. Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance

30:22 - Looking at the epidemic response in broad strokes/Designing the Ebola treatment units

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Partial Transcript: So during this time, the epidemic is changing, evolving. How did that affect your work?

Keywords: architecture; evaluation; families; lessons learned; MSF; S. Sillah; visitation

Subjects: Medecins sans frontieres (Association)

37:35 - Work during the epidemic's later stages/Joining eHealth Africa

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Partial Transcript: So I guess we’re about to January of 2015 now, with the structure in Kambia?

Keywords: calling centers; CDC; eHealth Africa; F. Simmonds; H. Ibrahim; logistics; M. Diop; M. Rose; National Ebola Response Center (NERC); O. Olutola; operations; partners; recruitment; staffing

Subjects: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.); Great Britain. Department for International Development

44:09 - Plans for the immediate future/The end of the Ebola epidemic/What it's like to talk about it

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Partial Transcript: I guess that almost brings us up to the present, then.

Keywords: E. Castle; E. Koroma; eHealth Africa; emergency response

Subjects: Koroma, Ernest Bai, 1953-