Global Health Chronicles

Emerson Rogers

David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles


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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is Sam Robson. It is March 14, 2017, and I am at the Redemption Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia, joined with Mr. Emerson Rogers of the Men’s Health Screening Program

Keywords: Men's Health Screening Program (MHSP); Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MHSW)

Subjects: Monrovia (Liberia)

00:01:27 - Early life and education/Medical training

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Partial Transcript: Would you mind telling me when and where you were born?

Keywords: doctor-patient relationships; parents; physician assistants; sociology; university

Subjects: Liberia--History--Civil War, 1999-2003; Monrovia (Liberia)

00:10:05 - Ebola hits Rogers' private clinic

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Partial Transcript: What happened after you graduated from that program?

Keywords: children; community trust; fear; hiding; owners; ownership; personal protective equipment (PPE); signs and symptoms

Subjects: Ebola virus disease

00:18:59 - Working in Ebola treatment units/Training international healthcare workers

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Partial Transcript: I said, well, if I can sit at my own facility and then receive Ebola cases, I’d better go to the unit to help save the lives of our Liberian people

Keywords: A. Atai-Omoruto; Ebola treatment units (ETUs); JFK Medical Center; S. Moses; danger; donning and doffing; expertise; grief; infection prevention and control (IPC); international response; military; occupational safety; patients; personal protective equipment (PPE); risk; trainings; witnessing; work conditions

Subjects: Cuba

00:36:21 - Effect of Ebola work on home life

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Partial Transcript: Sam, one of the things that was so emotional for me, at that time, my little daughter

Keywords: family; household transmission; infection prevention and control (IPC); safety; touch

00:38:27 - Implementing the Keep Safe to Keep Serving training program

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Partial Transcript: What did you do after the trainings?

Keywords: Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MHSW); S. Moses; WHO; healthcare worker education; nongovernmental organizations (NGOs); post-outbreak; trainings

Subjects: Lofa County (Liberia); World Health Organization

00:45:05 - Getting involved in the Men's Health Screening Program/Working alongside CDC and WHO

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Partial Transcript: While in the field, the Men’s Health Screening Program was being given birth to by Dr. Soka Moses, by Dr. April, by Dr. Nuha, and Mary from CDC, Dr. Mary Choi.

Keywords: A. Baller; A. Gasasira; CDC; D. Williams; J. Kollie; L. Purpura; M. Choi; M. Massaquoi; Men's Health Screening Program (MHSP); Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MHSW); N. Mahmoud; R. Desamu-Thorpe; Redemption Hospital; S. Moses; T. Nyenswah; WHO; data management; management; sexual transmission; staff rotation; supervision; survivors; technical advisors; viral persistence

Subjects: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.); World Health Organization

00:59:49 - The Ministry of Health's ownership of the Men's Health Screening Program/Various roles of program staff

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Partial Transcript: And then the Ministry of Health itself?

Keywords: Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MHSW); Redemption Hospital; local control; staff; supervision; technicians; viral persistence

01:03:44 - An overview of the progress of the Men's Health Screening Program

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Partial Transcript: Is there anything else that you’d like to share regarding your part in the Men’s Health Screening Program or the Ebola response more generally?

Keywords: D. Allen; Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MHSW); evaluation; guidelines; participant enrollment; science; sexual transmission; survivors; viral persistence

Subjects: Ebola virus disease