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Dr. Desmond Williams

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00:00:20 - The Big Idea of the Week Campaign/Western Area Surge

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Partial Transcript: The last time we spoke, you just had mentioned the president’s decision that you guys had two weeks to come up with something for the Ebola response.

Keywords: A. Garrow; British military; C. Keimbe; E. Koroma; Ebola treatment units (ETUs); GIS; J. Bangura; O. Morgan; R. Lash; Western Area Surge; bed counts; behavior change; burials; community trust; dynamics of transmission; emergency operations centers (EOCs); evaluation; health communications; hospital capacity; household transmission; isolation; local authorities; mapping; messages; news media; radio; reporting; social mobilization; stigmatization; surveillance

Subjects: Koroma, Ernest Bai, 1953-

00:09:24 - Staffing and funding the Western Area Surge

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Partial Transcript: Each active surveillance team, we thought, should have two district surveillance officers and, most importantly, should have three community members

Keywords: COMAHS; campaigns; district surveillance officers (DSOs); expertise; funding; local authorities; local knowledge; money; payment; recruitment; staffing; surveillance

Subjects: CDC Foundation; College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (Freetown, Sierra Leone); donors

00:16:56 - Community engagement in Sierra Leone's Ebola response/The turning point in the response

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Partial Transcript: We had the people, we had the funding.

Keywords: A. Garrow; Big Idea of the Week; Western Area Surge; cooperation; evaluation; health communications; leadership; local authorities; messaging; ownership; partners; social mobilization; teamwork; transition

00:26:40 - Deployment to Liberia/A recurrence due to sexual transmission

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Partial Transcript: I came back. I was here for a few weeks, and then I got a call to see if I wanted to go to Liberia.

Keywords: F. Kateh; K. De Cock; MSF; Redemption Hospital; St. Paul Bridge; confidentiality; patient privacy; sexual transmission; signs and symptoms

Subjects: Medecins sans frontieres (Association)

00:37:46 - Persistence of Ebola virus in semen in Liberia

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Partial Transcript: That also started something we had been thinking about

Keywords: Men's Health Screening Program (MHSP); ages; science; services; sexual transmission; survivors; viral persistence

00:47:40 - The importance of investing in public health infrastructure

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Partial Transcript: I said I was going to go back to the Guinea outbreak because today, as you and I are speaking, it’s June 9th.

Keywords: Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA); capacity building; public health infrastructure

Subjects: Guinea; Liberia; Sierra Leone

00:53:12 - Organizing the Ebola Big Idea of the Week Campaign/Safe burial pledge

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Partial Transcript: I’m going to go back in time. I have a few questions.

Keywords: A. Demby; J. Abbas; J. McQuiston; Jimmy B; N. Ayoub; R. Bunnell; burials; community trust; cultures; funerals; health communications; languages; messaging; music; news media; radio

Subjects: Krio language

01:06:01 - Collaborating with the British military/Sierra Leoneans who made a big difference

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Partial Transcript: Thank you for sharing that. Another question I have

Keywords: A. Garrick; British military; C. Keimbe; J. Bangura; O. Morgan; V. Parkinson; Western Area Surge; burials; chiefs; community engagement; community trust; disagreements; funerals; leadership; local authorities; rites; rumors

Subjects: Port Loko (Sierra Leone)

01:13:18 - Myth and rumor as common human reactions to tragedy/The importance of community engagement

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Partial Transcript: When you look back and think about your Sierra Leone experience, are there any other memories that kind of surface?

Keywords: community trust; rumors; social mobilization

01:16:20 - Working as CDC country director in Liberia

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Partial Transcript: You are the country director for Liberia.

Keywords: CDC; CDC staff; Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP); Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA); International Health Regulations (IHR); K. De Cock; capacity building; country offices; funding; global health; global spread of disease; health economics; migration; positionality; public health infrastructure; travel

Subjects: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.)

01:25:32 - Final reflections

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Partial Transcript: Looking back over your entire experience

Keywords: CDC; E. Johnson-Sirleaf; Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP); National Public Health Institute (NPHI); diversity; languages

Subjects: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.); Johnson-Sirleaf, Ellen, 1938-