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Dr. Crystal Frazier

David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles


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00:00:33 - Introduction/Youth

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Partial Transcript: I am Crystal Lynn Frazier and I’m a health scientist.

Segment Synopsis: Frazier introduces herself and describes her upbringing in New Jersey.

Keywords: New Jersey

00:04:04 - Early career and education

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Partial Transcript: By the end of high school, what were you thinking about your future?

Segment Synopsis: Frazier describes her work in laboratories early in her career, which led her to CDC. She then describes transitioning from laboratory improvement to psychology and achieving her Doctor of Psychology degree.

Keywords: C. Collins; J. Bernhardt; K. Lyon-Daniel; laboratories; labs; psychology

Subjects: Laboratories; Psychology

00:19:00 - Starting work in Ebola responder resilience

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Partial Transcript: I come back to CDC.

Segment Synopsis: Frazier discusses the implementation of resilience assessments for Ebola deployers starting in November 2014. She describes how these were integrated into deployment clearance, and discusses the challenges of creating a new database through Medgate to track these assessments.

Keywords: Medgate; R. Klomp; WorkLife Wellness Office

00:30:02 - Following up with flagged responders

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Partial Transcript: What was the range of responses that you got from people when you called them to say, “Hey, you’ve been flagged by our system."

Segment Synopsis: Frazier describes following up with potential deployers whose preliminary self-assessments were flagged as potentially concerning. She describes what those conversations were often like. She then describes how she and her team revised their assessment, which was initially CD-RISC, to better reflect the CDC population based on feedback from deployers.

Keywords: CD-RISC

00:39:33 - Working with colleagues in resilience and occupational health

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Partial Transcript: I know you must have worked pretty close with Rick Klomp and with probably Laurie Jones?

Segment Synopsis: Frazier describes her colleagues in responder resilience and how they divided work and aided each other while serving Ebola responders. She outlines how these resilience efforts interfaced with CDC’s occupational health clinic, and goes into detail about her personal interactions with responders.

Keywords: Employee Assistance Program; R. Klomp, L. Jones, E. McDaniel

00:57:26 - What responders said, and what was done with that information

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Partial Transcript: I know you're probably limited in what all you can tell me because of confidentiality, but can you give me just in broad strokes some of the things you heard back from—let’s start with pre-deployment like assessments.

Segment Synopsis: Frazier summarizes some patterns in what she heard from responders about their experiences. She describes how she was able to forward some issues responders raised to the Deployment Risk Mitigation Unit in order to improve the deployment system overall.

Keywords: DRMU; Deployment Risk Mitigation Unit; J. Nemhauser; reintegration

01:01:19 - Final reflections and plans for the future

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Partial Transcript: Do you have any last things that you’d like to talk about?

Segment Synopsis: Frazier reflects on her career so far and her work on Ebola responder resilience, then shares her interest in clinical work with adolescent girls and women