Global Health Chronicles

Sarah Bennett and John Redd

David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles


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00:00:34 - Arriving in Sierra Leone at different times

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Partial Transcript: Maybe a good starting point might be when you guys met each other.

Keywords: B. Gleason; Ebola treatment units (ETUs); House-to-House Campaign; J. Towner; K. Clarke; Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel; deployments; exposures; fear; fire alarm; friends; friendships; home care; hospital capacity; isolation units; safety

00:08:53 - Transporting patients and laboratory samples/New facilities open

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Partial Transcript: You needed some place in Bombali because the drive to Kenema was so difficult.

Keywords: Kenema Government Hospital; O. Morgan; beds; distance; holding centers; holding facilities; holding units; hospital capacity; infrastructure; isolation units; laboratories; patient transport; remote; roads

Subjects: Bombali District (Sierra Leone); Kailahun (Sierra Leone); Kenema (Sierra Leone)

00:15:33 - Making decisions that bordered on medical

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Partial Transcript: On the other end—on the supply end, as it were, of that up in Bombali, we were making true triage decisions.

Keywords: ambulances; deprivation; holding centers; holding units; home care; home protection kits; limited resources; logistics; personal protective equipment (PPE); prioritizing; scarcity; trainings; triage

00:23:47 - Local solutions to problems

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Partial Transcript: There were some things actually about the ingenuity of the local staff that I thought was really great.

Keywords: ambulances; drivers; infection prevention and control (IPC)

Subjects: Bombali District (Sierra Leone); Tonkolili District (Sierra Leone); chlorine; decontamination; disinfecting

00:28:34 - Getting involved in case management/The situation in Kenema

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Partial Transcript: How did you end up in case management? I really am just interested, because our training is technically—

Keywords: IFRC; Kenema Government Hospital; Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS); T. Ksiazek; U. Stroeher; WHO; exposures; guidelines; holding centers; holding units; hospitals; isolation units; medical waste

Subjects: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies; Kenema (Sierra Leone); World Health Organization

00:35:15 - Health capacity in Sierra Leone/Mabela Clinic and Rokupa Government Hospital

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Partial Transcript: And the laboratory turnaround is much better now. Which makes that model work.

Keywords: HIV/AIDS; Magazine Wharf; Moa Wharf; Public Health England; exposures; immunizations; infection prevention and control (IPC); laboratories; medical waste; outbreaks; ring IPC; routine treatment

Subjects: Concern (Organization); Malaria

00:45:28 - Addressing the epidemic in Freetown/Taking in new deployers

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Partial Transcript: When did you two start working together more?

Keywords: B. Gleason; D. Martin; Magazine Wharf; O. Morgan; S. Hersey; S. Hugonnet; T. Walker; Western Area Surge; Wusum Hotel; accommodations; active case finding; briefings; contact tracing; deployers; epidemiologists; hotels; leadership; partners; poverty; social mobilization; staffing; trainings

Subjects: Freetown (Sierra Leone); Western Area (Sierra Leone)

00:58:30 - Dealing with illness among deployers

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Partial Transcript: The thing that was difficult in the outbreak was that—I mean, it shut down the local healthcare system, but it also shut down health resources for our team.

Keywords: Magazine Wharf; US Embassy; United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER); drivers; enteric diseases; food; foodborne; hotels; illness; sickness; slums; smells

Subjects: Freetown (Sierra Leone); Western Area (Sierra Leone)

01:03:37 - Fighting the epidemic in the Freetown slums/Safe burial

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Partial Transcript: As I said, these teams were—and there were probably eight of them—eight teams, each of which probably had ten to fifteen people.

Keywords: A. Jalloh; Aberdeen Wharf; Magazine Wharf; R. Brostrom; Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel; Sierra Leone Red Cross; burial teams; burials; class; culture; dead body management; death; gossip; hiding cases; jobs; money; news media; payment; poverty; religion; rites; rituals; rumors; safe and dignified burials (SDB); safe burials; sensitivity; slums; word-of-mouth

Subjects: Concern (Organization); Freetown (Sierra Leone); Islam; Western Area (Sierra Leone)

01:15:46 - Dealing with the trauma of the epidemic

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Partial Transcript: There’s a lot of that, and then there’s also a lot of needs for PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] counseling.

Keywords: PTSD; counseling; medication; mental health; mental illness; psychiatric first aid; psychology; survivors; trauma

Subjects: post-traumatic stress disorder

01:18:18 - Lasting changes in Sierra Leone’s health system

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Partial Transcript: It’s nice to see the country thinking about how to move forward, dreaming big, partly because there’s a lot of interest, and right now there’s a lot of money.

Keywords: Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP); epidemiology; health workers; surveillance; trainings

01:21:30 - Working with Sierra Leoneans/Community outreach

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Partial Transcript: I really, really loved working with the DSOs. They were just wonderful.

Keywords: F. Bayor; communities; compensation; contact tracing; district surveillance officers (DSOs); health workers; local; money; payment; trainings

01:26:47 - Troubleshooting problems

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Partial Transcript: Yeah, and there are always problems, right? People always just want to bring the problems

Keywords: S. Mardel; communication; conversations; creativity; ingenuity; local; meetings; oral rehydration solution (ORS); patient care; solutions; staff rotation

01:30:37 - Being a leader

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Partial Transcript: It’s always the challenge in a big system like that. With so many thousands upon thousands of people.

Keywords: Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS); WHO; criticism; discussions; evacuations; hotwash; illness; incident command systems (ICSs); incident management systems (IMSs); inspiration; logistics; numbers; partners; representation; safety; sickness; transparency

Subjects: Malaria; World Health Organization

01:39:54 - Evaluating personal contributions to the response/Remembering how dire things looked

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Partial Transcript: Would you do it all again?

Keywords: J. Mermin; P. Kilmarx; R. Rickert-Hartman; T. Frieden; changes; difficulty; evacuations; infrastructure; insurance; safety; systems

Subjects: Frieden, Tom

01:46:37 - Describing the path of the epidemic

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Partial Transcript: All roads in Sierra Leone lead to Freetown, and because it’s a small country, people travel back and forth pretty much on a daily basis from some of these rural districts to Freetown.

Keywords: Koinadugu District; Kono District; accessibility; epidemiology; remote; roads; spread; transportation

Subjects: Freetown (Sierra Leone)

01:51:51 - Unexpected questions that arose during the response/The role of private industry

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Partial Transcript: There’s some really funny-now stories, when you look back on some of this time.

Keywords: Africell; Airtel; BBC Media Action; D. Maples; District Health Management Team (DHMT); J. Meiman; P. Rollin; diamonds; economics; ghosts; gravel; hauntings; industry; mines; mining companies; travel

Subjects: Air France; Bombali District (Sierra Leone); Brussels Airlines; Firestone Tire and Rubber Company; Paris (France); Port Loko (Sierra Leone); Royal Air Maroc

02:00:10 - Final reflections

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Partial Transcript: Are there any final things you want to remember together now that you’re here? Are there any questions you want to ask each other?

Keywords: O. Morgan; S. Hersey; education; friendship; inequality; justice; memory; poverty; public health; remembering; staff rotation; stress; teamwork; trust; youth

Subjects: CDC Disease Detective Camp; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.); Zika virus