Global Health Chronicles

Armah Kiawu

David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles


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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is Sam Robson. It is March 14th, 2017, and I am here at Redemption Hospital

Keywords: Men's Health Screening Program (MHSP)

00:00:47 - Early life, work, and education through Liberia's wars

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Partial Transcript: Can you tell me when and where you were born?

Keywords: C. Taylor; business; education; money; parents; refugees; violence

Subjects: Grand Cape Mount County (Liberia); Liberia--History--Civil War, 1989-1996; Liberia--History--Civil War, 1999-2003; Monrovia (Liberia); Taylor, Charles

00:07:54 - Exposure to the Ebola virus

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Partial Transcript: What happened with you when Ebola came to Liberia?

Keywords: Ebola treatment units (ETUs); MSF; business; caregivers; false diagnoses; signs; symptoms

Subjects: Medecins sans frontieres (Association)

00:11:01 - Coming down with Ebola virus disease

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Partial Transcript: I got sick. I decided that I’ve got to go to a hospital.

Keywords: Ebola treatment units (ETUs); JFK; MSF; Redemption Hospital; compassion; home care; hospitals; overcrowding; stigmatization

Subjects: Medecins sans frontieres (Association)

00:16:52 - Inside the Ebola treatment unit, as a patient and then as a worker

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Partial Transcript: Once you’re in the ETU, can you tell me about being in the ETU, about arriving, about what it’s like in there, what it looks like?

Keywords: A. Atai-Omoruto; D. Kaggwa; Ebola treatment units (ETUs); M. Massalay; S. Mantoe; S. Sannoh; counseling; encouragement; families; family; friends; grief; mental health; neighbors; payment

00:23:30 - Getting involved in helping Ebola survivors

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Partial Transcript: I started to get involved with the survivor activities

Keywords: Men's Health Screening Program (MHSP); community engagement; counseling; service; sexual transmission; survivors; technicians; trainings

00:28:31 - Psychosocial and palliative support within the Ebola treatment units/Countering suspicions about the ETUs

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Partial Transcript: I want to go back to a few things if that’s okay.

Keywords: Ebola treatment units (ETUs); community trust; conspiracy theories; counseling; encouragement; mental health; rumors

00:35:45 - Collecting specimens for the Men's Health Screening Program

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Partial Transcript: When you first started your work with the Men’s Health Screening Program here

Keywords: Men's Health Screening Program (MHSP); laboratories; sample transport; semen; sexual transmission; specimen collection; technicians; viral persistence

00:43:23 - Working as a counselor for the Men's Health Screening Program

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Partial Transcript: But you started to take on more roles, right, than just the semen technician?

Keywords: counseling; counselors; quarantine; science; technician; viral persistence

00:50:25 - How being a survivor impacts work for Men's Health Screening Program

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Partial Transcript: How do you think your own experience of being an Ebola survivor, having been there, impacted or changes how you can relate to people who are in the program?

Keywords: insider; trust

00:54:27 - Colleagues in the Men's Health Screening Program/Working with CDC staff

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Partial Transcript: Who are some of the other team members on the Men’s Health Screening Program who you worked with most closely?

Keywords: C. Young; CDC; L. Purpura; M. Choi; Men's Health Screening Program (MHSP); R. Desamu-Thorpe; colleagues; coworkers; data management; mentors; teaching; teamwork; technical advisors; trainings

Subjects: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.)

01:06:13 - Final reflections

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Armah Kiawu, is there anything else that you would like to share?

Keywords: follow-up; gratitude; health communications; messaging; sexual transmission