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Anne-Renee Heningburg - Session 2

David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles
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1:08 - New Beginnings

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Partial Transcript: No, you know, I think, I was talking about going to the AFRO {African Regional Office for WHO] TFI, the first Task Force for Immunization, in Lome [Togo].

Segment Synopsis: Heningburg recalls her first time working in Africa. Meeting new people and the importance of learning how to run a proper public meeting and side meetings

Keywords: EPI [Expanded Programme on Immunization]; Lome, Togo; polio eradication; public health advisor; TFI [Task Force for Immunization]; World Health Organization

Subjects: AFRO [African Regional Office for WHO]; CDC [United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]; Keegan, Bob; Mailhot, Melinda M.; Okwo-Bele, Jean-Marie; Togo; WHO [World Health Organization]

5:24 - Anglophone and Francophone Africa

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Partial Transcript: Could you talk a little bit more about Anglophone and Francophone Africa, and just Africa?

Segment Synopsis: Heningburg discusses the cultural differences between the Anglophone and Francophone African countries.

Keywords: Anglophone; Brazzaville; English; Francophone; French; TFI; West Africa EPI managers

Subjects: Gambia; Republique of Congo

8:42 - National Immunization Days

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Partial Transcript: The decision was made at the AFRO TFI that the countries would do NIDs, the first national immunization days, in 1996

Segment Synopsis: Heningburg recalls how the national immunization days evolved in South Sudan using an adapted Indian manual and begins to acclimate and appreciate the pace of life in other countries

Keywords: Andrus, Jon K.; Barenzi, John F. Z.; community; Entebbe; GID [Global Immunization Division]; Jafari, Hamid S.; Keegan, Bob bicycle chicken; manual; Matoke; National immunization days [NID]; opportunity; template; UNEPI [Uganda National Expanded Programme on Immunization]; used clothes

Subjects: CDC; close knit; emergency fund; Ministry of Health; sharing; Uganda; Zambia

36:47 - Immunization Program During War

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Partial Transcript: After I had been in the UNICEF office probably for about, maybe a month and a half – we had set that we were going to wait until after New Year’s to-do the NIDs

Segment Synopsis: Heningburg explains how necessary it was to recruit Sudanese to work for the national immunization days during a lengthy civil war and her ability to blend into situations at hand.

Keywords: benefits; black U.S. government people; Brennan, Muireann; Cox, Ross; famine; Garang De Mabior, John; Geneva, Switzerland; Gigiri complex; Hackett, Keith; Hossaini, Reza; Hull, Harry; Klaucke, Doug; Lokichogio, Kenya; Nuba Mountain People; nurses; Partridge, Jeff; recruiting; Tinstman, Carl; Wahden, Mohamed; war

Subjects: Kenya; Nuba Valley; RASS [Relief Association of Southern Sudan]; South Sudan; SPLA [Sudan People’s Liberation Army]; UNICEF; Upper Nile

57:36 - UNICEF, WHO, and CDC

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Partial Transcript: Well, let me talk about the three agencies.

Segment Synopsis: Heningburg describes the different roles of three of the partner organization in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and how those agencies interface with each other.

Keywords: bureaucracy; Center for Global Health; consultative; guidelines; implementing; Keegan, Bob; NIP [National Immunization Program]; training; UNEPI [Uganda National Expanded Program on Immunization]

Subjects: CDC; South Sudan; UNICEF; WHO

63:03 - Problem Solving

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Partial Transcript: In terms of problem-solving up to this point in our conversation today, is there anything you’d want to point out, lessons learned-wise, lessons learned about problem-solving?

Segment Synopsis: Heningburg describes how she uses her problem-solving skills to emphasize and understand how each separate system operates. She goes on to recall her experiences with Jeff Partridge and her daily life with her adopted family.

Keywords: : understanding roles; burnout; decompression; finite; GID; home base; Hossaini, Reza; Kampala, Uganda; KEPI [Kenya Expanded Programme on Immunization]; Klaucke, Doug; Klaucke, Karen; Klaucke, Rusty; Martin, Mary Louise; NGO [non-governmental organization]; Partridge, Jeff; systems; TFI; Upper Nile; vaccine carriers; “Alpha Romeo”

Subjects: CDC; Kenya; NID; South Sudan; UNICEF; WHO

78:39 - Priorities

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Partial Transcript: Heningburg describes how her problem-solving skills emphasized understanding how the system operates and her daily life with her adopted family.

Segment Synopsis: Polio National Immunization Days and famine were one of the many priorities for UNICEF during this time and security risks during a long professional war. Heningburg also recounts a story about a Hercules airplane.

Keywords: Buffalo; ceasefire; contract; famine; Garang, John; Hercules; Hossaini, Reza; Kenya, Garissa; Kenya, Nairobi; Naleo, Tony; NIDs; persistence; planes; RASS; relief activities; SPLA; Tinstman, Carl; Vietnam era; war

Subjects: Boy Scouts of America; Somalia; South Sudan; UNICEF; World Food Programme

98:13 - Heroes Fund

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Partial Transcript: Are there comparisons to be made between South Sudan and Afghanistan, Pakistan?

Segment Synopsis: During a NID in the Nuba Mountains of South Sudan, a vaccinator stepped on a landmine, and that event started the Bob Keegan Polio Eradication Heroes Fund. This fund recognizes health workers and volunteers who have incurred serious injury or lost their lives due to their participation in polio eradication activities.

Keywords: Bob Keegan Polio Eradication Heroes Fund; challenging; Klaucke, Doug; landmine; Martin, Mary Louise; NGOs; Nuba Mountains; Professional war; safaris; services

Subjects: ICRC [International Committee of the Red Cross]; South Sudan; UN; UNICEF

107:48 - Khartoum and Planning

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Partial Transcript: I went to Khartoum three times during the time that I was there.

Segment Synopsis: Heningburg recalls her first logistical planning meetings in South Sudan and how everyone would work together.

Keywords: ancient computers; Coca-Cola; garrison cities; Hashem; immigration and customs; Kahlua; maps; OLN; Sudan, Khartoum; Sudanese passport; technical meeting

Subjects: South Sudan; UNICEF; WHO

117:50 - First Target Date

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Partial Transcript: Where were you in 2000, when the first target date came along?

Segment Synopsis: Heningburg was confident that the first eradication target date would not be met and shared her feelings with others about how to handle it strategically, including the vaccine-derived polio.

Keywords: AFRO; challenges; clans; Cochi, Steve; different issues; different locations; Dowdle, Walter; Ethiopia, Harari; geopolitical issues; GID; neutral places; Northern Nigeria; PAHO [Pan-American Health Organization]; security; Uganda, Gulu; WPRO [ WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific]

Subjects: Columbia; Pakistan; Sudan; Uganda

126:21 - Different Countries and Challenges

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Partial Transcript: When you think about the challenges of the remaining endemic countries, do you make any connections between your work in the African region and the challenges that they’re facing now?

Segment Synopsis: Heningburg has had the opportunity to work in many regions of the world on polio eradication. From this unique perspective, she can see the parallels and differences between the areas she has worked, each with their distinct challenges and distinct lessons.

Keywords: abilities; conga; differences; Guinea worm; India, Lucknow; insects; Kick Polio out of Sudan; NIDs; panther; Papa Whiskey; parallels; tea; tents; UNICEF supply division

Subjects: Somalia; South Sudan; WHO

136:42 - Louise Martin

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Partial Transcript: The other thing that I have to mention about South Sudan is I spent my last day in South Sudan, the day that I didn’t go to work.

Segment Synopsis: Heningburg remembers Louise Martin and Doug Klaucke and the impact they made on her time living in South Sudan and the impact of Louise's death.

Keywords: animal orphanage; baby rhino; Christmas; death; embassy bombing; family; granddaughter; Hilyer, Elvin, Hilyer Nancy; Leakey, Louis; leather shoulder bag; malaria drug; Malarone; Martin, Louise; mud house; NGO; Okiror, Sam; UNICEF OLS; veterinarian

Subjects: Carter Center; Kenya; UNICEF; WHO

150:20 - Bob Keegan

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Partial Transcript: What haven’t we covered today?

Segment Synopsis: Heningburg talks about Bob Keegan, how she met him, and his impact on the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

Keywords: beer; bike trip; bullet brain; Cochi, Steve; Dowdle, Walter; encouraging; HTLV; impact on life; intertwined; interview; Keegan, Bob; Keegan, Gloria; Kew, Olen; Mast, Eric; Moe’s; New Jersey, Newark; Pallansch, Mark; Polio Heroes; STD Trainer; Sutter, Roland; trainer

Subjects: John F. Kennedy School of Government; PHI [Public Health Institute]; South Sudan; Thailand