Global Health Chronicles

Dr. Mary Guinan

David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles
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00:00:28 - Background/Education

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Partial Transcript: Mary, you've worked in a variety of roles at CDC.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Guinan recalls her early ideas about her career and her educational path and rejection due to her sex.

Keywords: Hopkins Magazine; M. Guest; New York City; astronaut; chemistry; fellowship; financial help; hematology/oncology; internal medicine; medical school; physiology; women's careers

Subjects: AIDS [acquired immune deficiency syndrome]; DC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]; Hunter College; Johns Hopkins; NIH [National Institutes for Health] NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration]; STDS [Sexually Transmitted Diseases]; University of Texas

00:08:24 - CDC/Smallpox Eradication Program

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Partial Transcript: ...toward the end of my residency, I was beginning to say, "Maybe that's not what I want to do".

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Guinan talks about her involvement with the Smallpox Eradication Program and the Epidemic Intelligence Service

Keywords: Epidemic Intelligence Service [EIS]; Global Health Chronicles; Smallpox Eradication Program

Subjects: CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]

00:11:10 - "Dr Herpes"

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Partial Transcript: Well, maybe that’s a good time for us to shift and talk a little bit about your involvement at CDC…

Segment Synopsis: Mary discusses her research on herpes simplex type 1 and how the press confused it with genital herpes, eventually giving her the moniker “Dr. Herpes” and her recruitment back to CDC.

Keywords: D. Rather; New England Journal of Medicine; P. Weisner; genital herpes; genital herpes expert; herpes simplex type 1; oral herpes; press; sexually transmitted diseases

Subjects: CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]; University of Utah

00:16:56 - Early work in HIV/AIDS

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Partial Transcript: Your moniker, Let's start to get into the area of early HIV/AIDS

Segment Synopsis: The June 1981 MMWR article on Pneumocystis pneumonia and the reaction from the medical community and the start of a case control study.

Keywords: H. Jaffe; J. Curran; M. Gottlieb; Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report [MMWR]; New York; P. Weisner; Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia [PCP]; San Francisco; Task Force; case control study; cytomegalovirus infection; homosexual; illegal drugs; medical journals; new disease

Subjects: CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]

00:25:06 - Task Force/Epidemiology

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Partial Transcript: I want to take you back a little bit because you mentioned that you and other such as Jim Curran...

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Guinan talks about funding and doggedly tracking down a female patient in Philadelphia that fit the patient criteria.

Keywords: ATM; H. Jaffe; J. Curran; P. Weisner; S. Preblud; W. Foege; blood sample; cab; funding; interviews; patients; pneumocystis pneumonia; women

Subjects: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]; Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia

00:32:54 - Interviewing cases

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Partial Transcript: Wow, impressive, impressive amount of shoe leather there.

Keywords: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report [MMWR]; S. Crispi; San Francisco; Tenderloin district; federal government; heterosexual controls; hotel; interview; protocol; public health advisor; shipping; specimens

Subjects: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]; Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects

00:40:35 - Specimen handling/needle sticks

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Partial Transcript: Were you worried about obtaining or handling these specimens?

Segment Synopsis: Mary recalls the story of how one of her interviewees passed out and she received a neede stick, which made her wonder years later if she had been infected.

Keywords: H. Jaffe; S. Thompson; biopsy; blood; fainting; lesion; needle; smallpox eradication program; tourniquet

Subjects: AIDS; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]; HIV; Kapsoi’s sarcoma

00:46:12 - Fear of AIDS/Confidentiality

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Partial Transcript: But that’s what people were afraid of.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Guinan shares her story about keeping patients interviews confidential.

Keywords: AIDS patients; And the Band Played On; New York Times; R. Shilts; San Francisco; case control; confidential; fear; integrity; interviews; movie; secrecy; sexual partners

Subjects: AIDS.; Kaposi’s sarcoma

00:51:21 - Case definition/Women’s groups

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Partial Transcript: Between, in the case control study, the number of sex partners between homosexual men who were not ill...

Segment Synopsis: Mary talks about women’s groups wanting her to sign a petition to change the case definition and the demonstrations around her refusal to do so.

Keywords: criticism; demonstrations; protestors; vaginal candidiasis; woman-defined case; women; “guinocide”

Subjects: ACT-UP [AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power]; AIDS; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]

00:58:06 - Personal/Professional impact

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Partial Transcript: Oh, gosh Mary, some of these are incredible stories.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Guinan’s look back on her career and Dr. Francoise Barre-Sinoussi’s discovery of the HIV/AIDS virus.

Keywords: Associate Director for Science; F. Barre-Sinoussi; activist; patient advocate; smallpox eradication program

Subjects: AIDS epidemic; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]; HIV; Institut Pasteur; Nobel prize