Global Health Chronicles

Dr. William Darrow (Session 2)

David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles
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0:29 - Mapping AIDS Cases

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Partial Transcript: Bill, during our first conversation we ended in the midst of your recounting of what became known as the Los Angeles [L.A.] Cluster Investigation.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Darrow discusses his work in sociology in his masters and later PhD program and how that translated to helping map AIDS cases in a homophily index.

Keywords: air steward; anthropology; B. Watson; cancer; D. Auerbach; epidemiology; gay men; homophily index; J. Coleman; Los Angeles, California; M. Levin; mathematical sociology; New York City; opportunistic infections; psychology; sexual partners; sexual relationships; sexual transmission; social and behavioral scientists; social research methods; sociograms; sociology; sociosexual relationship; The Adolescent Society [book]

Subjects: AIDS; California; Canadian; CDC; CMV; cytomegalovirus; EIS; Emory University; immunosuppression; Johns Hopkins; Kaposi’s sarcoma; Los Angeles Cluster Investigation; Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia; sexually transmitted diseases; University of Chicago; University of New Hampshire

10:50 - Finding Patient O

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Partial Transcript: How did you deal with the individual who had been named by several people as a sexual contact, the man that appeared to link the cases between New York City and Los Angeles?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Darrow talks about the discovery of Patient O and Patient O’s transformation into Patient Zero.

Keywords: A. Friedman-Kien; Air Canada; And the Band Played On; baseball; Chinatown; D. Auerbach; flight attendant; French-Canadian; H. Jaffe; immunosuppressive disease; J. Curran; L. Berra; LA Cluster Investigation; Los Angeles; M. Guinan; national case number; New York City; Orange County; out-of-California case; Patient #57; Patient O; Patient Zero; R. Shilts; sexual contacts; Task Force; West Hollywood Health Center; Yogi

Subjects: AIDS/HIV; American Journal of Medicine; Canada; hepatitis B; Kaposi’s sarcoma; lymphadenopathy; MMWR; Morbidity and Mortality Report; sexually transmitted diseases; Southern California

22:39 - And The Band Played On

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Partial Transcript: Indeed, in the American Journal of Medicine article particularly, and somewhat in the MMWR, you do have text in there that states what you just did: that this is not to imply that we have identified this central node in our diagram as being the origin of [or] even the source of infection for people in this cluster, let alone nationwide.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Darrow talks about working with Randy Shilts as he wrote the book And the Band Played On.

Keywords: A. Fettner; Congress; D. Auerbach; D. Berreth; gay disease; HBO; Home Box Office; L. Laubenstein; L.A. Cluster; Los Angeles County Health Department; M. Conant; New York City; Office of Public Affairs; out-of-California case; Patient Zero; R. Shilts; San Francisco; San Francisco Chronicle; Task Force; The Band Played On; The Truth About AIDS; W. Check

Subjects: American Journal of Medicine; CDC; HIV/AIDS; New York University Hospital; NYU

31:16 - Patient O Interviews

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Partial Transcript: Again, just trying as best we can to look back and see how Patient Out-of-California becomes Patient Zero.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Darrow discusses interviewing Patient O and his interactions with him.

Keywords: And the Band Played on; Atlanta, Georgia; Central business districts--Georgia--Atlanta--Maps; Dr. Friedman-Kien; Grand Central Station; H. Haverkos; Los Angeles; Patient O; Patient Out-of-California; Patient Zero; R. Shilts; San Francisco; Task Force

Subjects: American journal of Medicine; California; CDC; Georgia; gonorrhea; HIV/AIDS; New York; sexually transmitted disease; syphilis; Texas

38:18 - Debunking Patient O

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Partial Transcript: The myth of Patient Zero persisted for years, decades. I went back and was looking at excerpts from Randy Shilt’s book, “And the Band Played On,” and I came across this quote.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Darrow talks Patient Zero not being the first case and how today it has been found that HIV existed years before the cases were being reported to CDC.

Keywords: 1968; advanced molecular genetic analyses; And the Band Played On; Andy Warhol; Candy Darling; D. McNeil Jr.; Ebola epidemic; epidemiology; gay; Haitian patients; influenza epidemic; injection drug users; M. Mallon; M. Worobey; New York City; Patient Zero; Quebec; R. Shilts; Vancouver

Subjects: Australia; HIV/AIDS; Kansas; Kaposi’s sarcoma; lymphadenopathy; Nature; New York Times; North America; Spanish Flu; The Great Influenza epidemic; University of Miami

46:25 - CDC AIDS Projects

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Partial Transcript: Fascinating, Bill.

Segment Synopsis: Darrow talks about his work on other CDC AIDS projects.

Keywords: Atlanta, Georgia; bisexual men; Cluster Investigation; D. Auerbach; D. Francis; epidemiology; gay; gay men; gay populations; Hepatitis B cohort; heterosexual populations; heterosexual women; LA Investigation; Los Angeles; New York; Out-of-California Case; P. O'Malley; P. Thomas; Patient Zero; Phoenix, Arizona; S. Hughes; San Francisco; San Francisco Health Department

Subjects: AIDS Project #2; Archives of Sexual Behavior; CDC; CDC AIDS Project #1; CDC AIDS Project #24; CDC AIDS Project #6; HBV; hepatitis B; hepatitis vaccine; HIV/AIDS; National Institutes of Health; NIH; sexually transmitted agent; sexually transmitted diseases; University of California; VD; Venereal disease; Vietnam War

54:28 - Prostitutes/HIV/AIDS

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Partial Transcript: Did you do any studies in heterosexual populations?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Darrow discusses a study he did of female sex workers in US and their relation to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Keywords: Atlantic City; Colorado Health Department; Colorado Springs; conservative; conservative political climate; D. French; El Paso County Health Department; ethical; female sex workers; H. Jaffe; injection drug use; injection drug users; J. Boles; J. Curran; J. Muth; J. Potterat; Los Angeles; Moral Majority; New Right; prostitutes; R. Rothenberg; Request for Applications; RFA; social network research; social scientist; Working: My Life as a Prostitute

Subjects: California; CDC AIDS Project #72; CDC AIDS Project #90; Colorado; Georgia State University; gonorrhea; New Jersey; Venereal Disease Control Strategic Planning System

61:55 - Social Scientist

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Partial Transcript: One thing I wanted to ask you about is, in the time that you were working at CDC, again, in these early days in the ‘80s, did you have any peer group in terms of other Ph.D. sociologists?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Darrow talks about being a social scientists among biomedical scientists at CDC.

Keywords: Atlanta; biomedical; data analyses; epidemiologists; Fortran; G. Waters; P. Wiesner; R. St. John; research methods; S. Aral; S. Brown; social scientists; sociologists; sociology; SPSS; statistical methods; Statistical Package for the Social Sciences; statistics; Task Force

Subjects: CDC; Emory; Georgia Tech; Turkey

65:55 - Looking Back

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Partial Transcript: The early days of CDC’s response to AIDS happened at a time that there were lots of challenges on many fronts.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Darrow reflects on how CDC reacted to the AIDS epidemic.

Keywords: behavioral research; biomedical; chronic diseases; diagnostic test; immunologist; infectious diseases; M. Ali; microbiologist; mission-oriented research; public health; sociological research; sociologist; T. Smith; vaccine

Subjects: AIDS/HIV; CDC; Department of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

69:29 - Other Careers

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Partial Transcript: Interesting. Interesting.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Darrow talks about the other organizations he worked for.

Keywords: E. Gangarosa; global epidemiology; J. Curran; Miami; P. Brachman; public health

Subjects: CDC; Emory University; Florida International University; Rollins School of Public Health

73:20 - Closing

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Partial Transcript: Bill, it has been an absolute pleasure to have this conversation with you, two conversations in fact, and I have to commend you for your memory of events.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Darrow reflects on the history of public health at the CDC.

Keywords: history of public health; influenza; J. Barry; J. Goldberger; outbreak; pubic health; Tuskegee

Subjects: CDC; Ebola virus; HIV/AIDS; pellagra; Polio; syphilis; toxic shock syndrome; Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male