Global Health Chronicles

Dr. Helene Gayle

David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles
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00:01:42 - Background and Medical School

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Partial Transcript: But let's begin with your background.

Segment Synopsis: Gayle talks about her family life and her journey through medical school.

Keywords: Buffalo, New York; Cleveland, Ohio; D.A. Henderson; MPH; New York City; Washington D.C.; barber; beauty supply store; doctor; epidemiology; human behavior; lawyer; masters in public health; pediatric residency; psychology; public health; social worker; sociology; women; women’s education

Subjects: AMSA; American Medical Student Association; Baldwin Wallace College; Barnard College of Colombia University; Children’s Hospital Washington D.C; EIS; Epidemic Intelligence Service; John Hopkins University; New York; Ohio; SNMA; Student National Medical Association; University of Pennsylvania; smallpox; smallpox eradication

00:09:46 - Early CDC Work

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Partial Transcript: When I was starting to think about post-residency, I said, let me apply to this EIS program, and I came to CDC.

Segment Synopsis: Gayle discusses her first assignments as an EIS officer at the CDC and how she got interested in international issues.

Keywords: African liberation struggles; drought; famine; global; international; malnutrition; nutrition; pan-Africanism; pediatrician; political disease; politics; public health; reproductive health; under-nutrition

Subjects: Africa; CDC; Crossroads Africa; EIS; HIV/AIDS; Peace Corps; Togo; West Africa; anti-Vietnam movement; civil rights movement; women’s movement

00:14:28 - Pediatric HIV/AIDS

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Partial Transcript: Moving forward, in 1987 you joined the Pediatric and Family Studies section in the AIDS program.

Segment Synopsis: Gayle explains how she got involved with the HIV/AIDS program at CDC and issues surrounding pediatric/adolescent HIV/AIDS.

Keywords: AZT; J. Mann; Kinshasa; M. Merson; M. Rogers; Ryan White; Zaire; Zidovudine; childhood infectious diseases; diarrheal diseases; epidemiology; hemophiliacs; heterosexual transmission; injection drug use; mother-to-child transmission; pediatric; pediatrician; perinatal HIV transmission; prevention programs; sexual transmission

Subjects: AIDS program; Africa; CDC; Child Survival Program; EIS; HIV/AIDS; IHPO; International Health Program Office; Montefiore Medical Center; Mount Sinai Medical Center; New York; PMR; Pediatric and Family Studies; Preventative Medicine Residency; Project SIDA; U.S. Agency for International Development; USAID; WHO; World Health Organization; pediatric HIV

00:23:02 - Minority HIV Policy Coordination

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Partial Transcript: Right around the same time and really very early in your career, you were asked to serve as Special Assistant for Minority HIV Policy Coordination.

Segment Synopsis: Gayle talks about viewing the HIV/AIDS epidemic interjectionally and finding ways to help the disadvantaged minority groups.

Keywords: African-Americans; Hispanic-Latino; IV drug users; gay men; hemophilia; human resources; minorities; public health; race

Subjects: CDC; HIV/AIDS; Minority HIV Policy Coordination

00:27:30 - Community Work

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Partial Transcript: Early on, you went to the communities.

Segment Synopsis: Gayle discusses working with minority community organizations to combat HIV/AIDS.

Keywords: barber and beauty shops; barbers; beauticians; church groups; churches; civic organizations; community-based organizations; drama; fraternities; gay community; health departments; local health organizations; minority communities; same-sex behavior; sororities; theater

Subjects: ASTHO; Association of State and Territorial Health Officials; CDC; Congress; Congressional Black Caucus; HIV/AIDS; NACCHO; National Association of County and City Health Officials; Public Health Service; Tuskegee experiment

00:36:46 - Challenges Reaching Minority Populations

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Partial Transcript: Did it work?

Segment Synopsis: Gayle discusses the challenges in trying to help these minority population

Keywords: communities of color; drug treatment programs; economic inequity; gay men of color; injection drug users; needle and syringe exchange program; public health challenges; racial inequity; sexual transmission; stigma

Subjects: HIV/AIDS

00:39:44 - International Activity Branch

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Partial Transcript: Very soon thereafter, you were actually moved into the position as Chief of the International Activity Branch in the recently created Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention.

Segment Synopsis: Gayle talks about her role as Chief of the International Activity Branch and the projects managed through that along with the challenges of international projects.

Keywords: AIDS Czarina; Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire; G.H.W. Bush; J. Quayle; Kinshasa; L. Sullivan; R. Roskens; S. Thurman; W. Heyward; Washington; adolescent; authorizing language; heterosexual transmission; injection drug use; international; minority; perinatal transmission; prevention research; vaccine research

Subjects: AIDS Czar Office; CDC; Côte d’Ivoire; Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention; Executive Office; HHS; HIV-2; HIV/AIDS; Health and Human Service; International Activity Branch; PEPFAR; President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief; Project RETRO-CI; Projet SIDA; Public Health Service; Thai Research Project; Thailand; USAID; West Africa; White House Office on AIDS

00:50:22 - Treatment and Prevention of HIV

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Partial Transcript: Fast forwarding, but not even that forward, you became the Director of the National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention in the years 1995 to 2001.

Segment Synopsis: Gayle discusses becoming director of the newly created National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention and the challenged of HIV treatment and prevention in the early stages of antiretroviral treatments.

Keywords: D. Satcher; G. Noble; Haitians; Washington; antiretroviral treatment; behavioral prevention; condoms; drugs; hemophiliacs; heroin addicts; homosexuals; injection drug users; opportunistic infection; prevention; sex; sexuality; synergy; the four H’s; treatment; viral load

Subjects: CDC; CDC Washington; HIV/AIDS; National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Tuberculosis; USAID

01:03:07 - Support

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Partial Transcript: You had a lot of responsibilities.

Segment Synopsis: Gayle talks about her peers at CDC who supported her throughout her work on HIV/AIDS.

Keywords: Center Director; D. Satcher; J. Curran; W. Foege; community; injection drug users; public health; support network


01:06:35 - Post CDC

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Partial Transcript: You went on to do some very distinguished things after CDC.

Segment Synopsis: Gayle discusses her time after CDC working for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and CARE USA.

Keywords: Flint, Michigan; HIV prevention; Seattle, Washington; W. Foege; agriculture; clinical medicine; drinking water; environment; federal agency; gender inequality; global arena; global health program; global poverty; heterosexual transmission; housing; library program; nutrition; poverty; public health; sex; social determinants of health; transportation; women; workplace

Subjects: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Botswana; CARE USA; CDC; HIV/AIDS; India; Reproductive Health; TB; sexually transmitted diseases

01:15:12 - Wrap Up

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Partial Transcript: Thanks very much.

Segment Synopsis: Gayle reflects briefly on being part of this public health changing epidemic.

Keywords: public health

Subjects: CDC; HIV/AIDS