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Dr. David Bell

David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles
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2:22 - Background/Education/EIS

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Partial Transcript: Would you tell me about where you grew up, your early family life, and then where you went off to college?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Bell describes the neighborhood he grew up in, his interest in science and his path to medical school. Bell explains how learned about the EIS and describes some of his experiences as an EIS officer.

Keywords: A. Langmuir; coronary aneurysms; cytomegalovirus; director; disease; EIS alumni; fellowship; heart attacks; humanities; immigrants; infectious disease; involved; Kawasaki disease; microbiologist; neighborhood; people; Philadelphia; philosophy; physics; residency; science; T. Kawasaki; undergraduate; viral disease; virus; young children

Subjects: AIDS [acquired immunodeficiency syndrome]; Boston Children’s Hospital; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]; Eastern Europe; Epidemic Intelligence Service [EIS]; France; German; Harvard Medical School; Japan; Princeton University; Ukraine; United States of America; University of Rochester

8:34 - Return to CDC

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Partial Transcript: Why did you come back to CDC?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Bell talks about how he was recruited to come back to CDC and work in the Hospital Infections Program as the AIDS coordinator.

Keywords: academic job; antiretroviral drugs; arterial puncture; baby; blood; cases; coordinator; death sentence; emergency; gauze pad; general pediatrician; healthcare workers; hospital infections; house; increasing; infection; injuries; mid ‘80s; Midwestern state; mucous membranes; needlestick; New York, New York, San Francisco, California; patients; phlebotomy tube; recruited; sharps; tubing; W. Jarvis

Subjects: AIDS [acquired immunodeficiency syndrome]; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]; HIV [human immunodeficiency virus]

13:38 - Healthcare Worker Risk

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Partial Transcript: CDC had done a case-control study looking at what were the risk factors?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Bell explains the work that went into protecting healthcare workers from getting infected in the many healthcare settings.

Keywords: 1985; activist groups; aerosolize; afraid; blood; body fluids; bone saws; case-control study; concealing; Congressional hearings; early '80s; exposures; fluids; gloves; healthcare workers; hepatitis B; infection control experts; laundry workers; multifaceted; orthopedic surgeon; patients; risk; seroconverted; settings; slash cases; surgeons; surveillance data; symptoms; test; unions; universal precautions; women; years

Subjects: AIDS; CDC; NIH [National Institutes of Health] Clinical Center; San Francisco General Hospital

24:20 - Universal Precautions

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Partial Transcript: Before you get there, was this the first recommendation of universal blood and body fluid precautions? Which sounds like a watershed event in clinical practice, and they didn’t have that for hepatitis was of a concern. This was a huge—

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Bell discusses the basis for universal precautions and how they changed clinical practice and procedures, as well as collaborating with other public health institutions to conduct observational studies and healthcare worker serosurveys.

Keywords: 1982; 1987; 1991; afraid; AIDS patients; AIDS serology lab; anonymous; Atlanta, Georgia; blood and body fluid; C. Schable; CDC lab people; checklist; cosponsor; describe; director; Disneyland, California; engineering controls; epidemiologist; exposure; funding; health departments; infection control; infections; injury; injury epidemiologist; J. Gerberding; J. Jagger; laws; M. Chamberland; multicenter studies; New York City, New York; observation studies; orthopedic surgeons; phlebotomy; precautions; safer; San Francisco, California; serosurvey; splash cases; syringe needle; tent; testing; transfer; tube; unions; unsafe; Washington, D.C.; watershed

Subjects: AIDS; American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons; California; CDC; Congress; Dental Society [American Dental Association]; Disneyland Convention Center; HIV; OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration]; San Francisco General Hospital; University of Virginia

47:00 - Post-exposure Measures

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Partial Transcript: So, the years we're talking about now are still the late '80s, before there's a real solid antiretroviral regimen. Now we had AZT.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Bell describes the measures taken with post-exposure prophylaxis and the post-exposure study on healthcare workers as well as some of the legal and confidentiality issues surrounding patients.

Keywords: 1985; 1987; advocacy; afraid; baby; blood; body fluids; consent; conservatives; dietician; dying; experimental; exposure; G. Matthews; Gay; gay lobby; infected; job; late '80s; legal; medical; methodology; mid '80s; needlestick; nonoccupational; ostracized; political; politicans; post-exposure; pregnant; prophylaxis; R. Reagan; rapes; recommend; reduction; safe sex; saliva; seroconversion; side effects; supportive; sweat; test; unethical; urine; W. Martone; Washington; women; Zidovudine

Subjects: AZT [Azidothymidine]; Burroughs Wellcome Company; CDC; England; France; Italy; NIH Clinical Center; Public Health Service; WHO

70:48 - Florida Dental Case

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Partial Transcript: You were involved in a lot of watershed issues, the so-called Florida Dentist case. Can you introduce us to the case itself?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Bell explains the circumstances of the Florida Dental case and how non-scientific community and politicians reacted to the news. Bell also describes working on recommendations for exposure prone medical procedures.

Keywords: 1990; 21; administration; AIDS surveillance; antiretroviral therapy; Atlanta, Georgia; B. Clinton; bill; blind; blood-borne virus; C. Ciesielski; confidentiality; congressman; consent; Democrat; dental officers; dentist; died; discriminated; epidemiologist; funding; G. Bush; gone; Greenwich Village; H. Jaffe; infected; infection control; insurance; intentionally; invasive; investigators; J. Curran; jail; K. Bergalis; limited; molecular virologists; novel technique; orthopedic surgeon; patient; phenomenon; phlebotomists; positive; private; re-contacting; recommendations; Republican; risks; sequencing; sterilization; stigmatize; strains; studies; surgeons; technique; trainees; transmission; vaginal hysterectomy; voluntarily; Washington

Subjects: AIDS; Florida; Florida Health Department; France; HIV; HIV: Congress; MMWR; Senate

97:10 - Closing Remarks

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Partial Transcript: When you look back on that, how do you feel as you look back on those years and the work that you were doing?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Bell concludes his interview by describing his experience testifying before the Congress.

Keywords: agency; CDC Washington; clinical; congressional hearings; country; empowered; exposure; H. Jaffe; healthcare; healthcare workers; J. Curran; job; laundry; leadership; patients; perspective; R. Wyden; reality; supportive; taxpayers; testify; unions

Subjects: AIDS: FDA [Food and Drug Administration]; CDC; Department of Health and Human Services [HHS]; Grady Memorial Hospital; Oregon; OSHA