Global Health Chronicles

Dr. Steve Cochi

David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles
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00:00:26 - Background

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Partial Transcript: To begin with, would you talk a little bit about your background before you came to CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and how you came to work here?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Cochi discusses his work as a pediatrician on the Navajo reservation, and his experience with disease surveillance as an Epidemic Intelligence Officer.

Keywords: Navajo reservation; Pediatrician; pediatric infectious diseases

Subjects: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]; Epidemic Intelligence Service [EIS]; Indian Health Service; New Mexico; diphtheria; pertussis; pneumococcal pneumonia

00:06:00 - Polio history

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Partial Transcript: Talking about the history of polio, a lot of people want to know when polio started affecting human populations.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Cochi delves into the global history of polio before the modern era, and polio's transmission.

Keywords: Egyptian hieroglyphics; Foundation for Infantile Paralysis; Franklin D. Roosevelt; New York City; polio epidemics; sanitation

Subjects: Polio; United States

00:11:03 - Evolution of CDC

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Partial Transcript: In talking before, you were talking about how the Centers for Disease Control changed when polio became a public health issue and CDC became actively involved.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Cochi discusses the development of the first polio vaccine, vaccine manufacturer's problems and how CDC became responsible for tracking and surveillance of all infectious diseases.

Keywords: A. Sabin; Foundation for Infantile Paralysis; J. Salk; Pittsburgh; Polio Surveillance Unit; Washington; formalin; infectious disease surveillance; killed virus vaccine; vaccine-associated polio

Subjects: CDC; Food and Drug Administration [FDA]; Public Health Service [PHS]

00:15:45 - CDC as leader in public health

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Partial Transcript: So there’s Centers for Disease Control, and there was also the National Institutes of Health [NIH].

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Cochi discusses CDC's clear responsibilities and roles compared to other US government agencies.

Keywords: Disease Detective; U.S. Government; surveillance; vaccine

Subjects: FDA; National Institutes of Health [NIH]; World Health Organization [WHO]

00:17:52 - Media//Perceptions

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Partial Transcript: During the ‘50s, was there an impact that the media had on the way things were handled related to polio and the vaccinations, how the vaccine was received and all of that, at that time?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Cochi discusses vaccine development during the '50s and the '60s and the global impact as well as the last case of indigenous polio in the US.

Keywords: Amish; DTP vaccine; J. Salk; United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund [UNICEF]; chickenpox vaccine; global immunization; human papillomavirus; indigenous polio; mumps vaccine; paralytic polio

Subjects: Afghanistan; CDC; Netherlands; Pakistan; United States; measles; meningitis; polio; rubella; varicella

00:25:05 - Global polio eradication budget

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Partial Transcript: Now, as far as the budget allocated by Congress, can you talk a little bit about that and how that works?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Cochi explains how the Global Polio Eradication Initiative [GPEI] stays funded, the partnerships involved, and the poliovirus reference laboratory.

Keywords: B. Gates; United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund [UNICEF]; epidemiologists; global immunization; global polio eradication; global special reference laboratory; laboratory network; polio laboratory; polio surveillance; poliovirus reference laboratory; vaccine

Subjects: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:; Rotary International; WHO; Western Hemisphere

00:29:22 - GPEI partners

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Partial Transcript: You mentioned the organizations that are working together to end polio.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Cochi discusses the Global Polio Eradication Initiative partners and their complementary roles as well as the danger frontline workers face.

Keywords: Geneva; Polio Heroes Fund; Polio surveillance; UNICEF; frontline workers; kidnapped; killed; landmine; ministry of health; social mobilization

Subjects: Afghanistan; CDC; CDC Foundation; Global Polio Eradication Initiative; Pakistan; Rotary International; South Sudan; Taliban; WHO

00:37:03 - Modern surveillance

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Partial Transcript: We have talked a little bit about how surveillance methods have been used.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Cochi discusses how front line workers track polio throughout the world with supplemental environmental sampling in high-risk countries.

Keywords: acute floppy paralysis [AFP]; polio surveillance; stool specimen

Subjects: Afghanistan; CDC; Pakistan

00:39:32 - Challenges/Setbacks

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Partial Transcript: What are some of the more difficult countries that you all have had to work with?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Cochi discusses the countries that were particularly challenging to work in and the countries that continue to have setbacks.

Keywords: Muslim; Oral Polio Vaccine [OPV]; PAIN countries; northern Nigeria; religious leaders; sub-Saharan Africa

Subjects: Afghanistan; HIV virus; India; Indonesia; Middle East; Nigeria; PAHO; Pakistan; Polio Eradication Initiative; WHO; World Health Assembly; smallpox

00:44:49 - Personal experiences in challenging countries

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Partial Transcript: I wonder if you could describe being in those areas that still had polio, and what’s that like?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Cochi describes the challenges he saw while visiting the remaining countries with polio cases and population migrations.

Keywords: Afghans; Khyber Pass; Oral Vaccine; Torkham; inaccessible populations; mass movement; military dictatorships; northern Nigeria; seasonal movement; social movement

Subjects: Afghanistan; Nigeria; Pakistan

00:50:00 - Noteworthy individuals

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Partial Transcript: An amazing feat. So, Dr. Cochi, we’re sort of winding down.

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Cochi talks about noteworthy individuals who played important roles in polio eradication.

Keywords: Atlanta; Atlantic Ocean; B. Foege; B. Gates; B. Keegan; C. de Quadros; G. Keegan; Pacific; Task Force for Global Health; W. Dowdle; coast-to-coast bike ride; immunization; smallpox eradication

Subjects: Americas; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; CDC; Carter Center; Emory; PAHO; Rotary International; UNICEF; United Nations Development Program; WHO; World Bank; World Health Assembly

00:56:37 - Concluding thoughts/polio endgame

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Partial Transcript: So to finish up, why don’t we talk about the [polio] endgame plan…

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Cochi explains that they are very close to the eradication of polio, and what he sees as the future of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

Keywords: Oral Poliovirus Vaccine [OPV]; Vaccine-Associated Paralytic Polio [VAPP]; inactivated injectable vaccine

Subjects: Afghanistan; Pakistan; polio