Global Health Chronicles

Deborah Sabin

David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles
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1:15 - Childhood

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Partial Transcript: So, do you remember ever having stories about your birth talked about?

Segment Synopsis: Sabin introduces her early life and childhood.

Keywords: 1935; 1939; 1950; A. Sabin; birth; C. Fischer; C. Osgood; Cincinnati, Ohio; Clifton; D. Sabin; fever; Jews; K. Osgood; M. Chumakov; M. Milovanovie; New York, New York; P. Fischer; pre-Civil War; R. Chanock; Russian; S. Fischer; S. Krugman; Sabin Hilton; scientists; Tumakov; Underground Railroad; vaccine trials; virologist; W. Reed; wedding

Subjects: Denmark; Egypt; Korea; Medical Corps; Rockefeller Institute; South Pacific; U.S. Army; WWII

19:25 - Albert Sabin’s Childhood/Family

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember your father speaking to them in Russian?

Segment Synopsis: Sabin shares her knowledge on her father’s background and family history.

Keywords: 1905; 1906; 1917; A. Sabin; AIDS/HIV; B. Sabin; Bialystok; chlamydial; congenital amblyopia; D.Sabin; English; F. Sabin; French; German; Hebrew; hydrocephalus; internment camp; Italian; J. Sabin; Jews; occupation; pogrom; Polish; polygot; Portuguese; R. Poczykowski; R. Sabin; Russian; S. Benison; S. Krugman; S. Sidney; S. Tregillus; Sapierstzehn; sociologists; Spanish; Tammany Hall; textiles; The Immigrants; trachoma; Yiddish; Zabludow

Subjects: Ellis Island; Holland; Israel; New York; Prussia; WWI

36:39 - Sylvia Tregillus Life/Family

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Partial Transcript: Sylvia Tregillus Sabin

Segment Synopsis: Sabin describe her mother’s family, childhood and life with Albert Sabin

Keywords: A. Sabin; A. Tregillus; B. Tregillus; caiman; Calgary, Canada; Chicago, Illinois; Chillicothe, Ohio; civil engineer; Communist Party; dental school; Dirndl; dolls; English; Evanston, Illinois; F. Castro; F. Wright; French; G. Gould; German; I. Stern; Irish; Lederhosen; prison; R. Peters; Rolex; Scottish; symphony; vaccine trials

Subjects: Cuba; England; Illinois; Israel; Northwestern University; Russia

50:44 - Life in the Sabin Home

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Partial Transcript: You know, going back a little bit to—I’m thinking about your parents when they first got together and what it must have been like because he was Jewish, she was Christian Scientist and he was a doctor, marrying into a Christian Science family.

Segment Synopsis: Sabin talks about how her parents met and his life in Israel.

Keywords: 1972; A. Sabin; Catholic/Protestant; Chautauqua circuit; Chicago, Illinois; Christian Science; composer; Eastern European; Florida; Fogarty Scholar; Fort Detrick, Maryland; H. Dunshee de Abranches; Holocaust; Jewish; M. Leide-Tedesco; New York; North Carolina; S. Sidney; Seder; Shiksa; South Carolina; Unitarian; Uzis; Washington, DC; Zionist

Subjects: All-City College Prep High; Christian Science Monitor; England; Florida; Israel; Lister Institute; National Institutes of Health; North Carolina; Rockefeller Institute; Six-Day War; Weizmann Institute of Science

65:05 - Albert Sabin’s Marriages

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Partial Transcript: And he had—when was it that he went to Brazil?

Segment Synopsis: Sabin converses about her father’s second and third marriage.

Keywords: 1972; Birmingham, Alabama; Blackie Jr.; Cleveland Clinic; Duke University Nursing; family photos; H. Dunshee de Abranches; J. Warner; M. Warner; mink coat; open heart surgery; Palm Beach; Power of Attorney; T. Shirley; The Breakers; Washington, DC

Subjects: Brazil; Duke University; Israel; North Carolina; O Globo

78:54 - D. Sabin’s Life Post High School

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Partial Transcript: Now around the time that you went to school at Duke, [Dr. Samuel L] Sam Katz and [Dr.] Catherine [M.] Wilfert came into your life.

Segment Synopsis: Sabin discusses her collegiate life and adulthood with the Katz, Wilfert and Chanock family.

Keywords: B. Chanock; C. Lamb; C. Wilfert; Catholic; Cincinnati, Ohio; D. Herberg; genome; J. Hoover; Jewish; P. Lamb; R. Chanock; S. Chanock; S. Katz; Seattle, Washington; sophmore; Washington, D.C.

Subjects: All-City College Prep High School; Duke University; Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation; FBI; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Gates Foundation; Israel; National Institutes of Health; Vietnam; Vietnam War

89:17 - Sons and Daughters

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Partial Transcript: You had talked about too, the scientists’ sons that you had—

Segment Synopsis: Sabin talks about the role of her father and the Chancocks in her life.

Keywords: A.Sabin; Acapulco, Mexico; appendix; B. Chanock; biological daughters; C. Horn; C. Lamb; Cincinnati, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; dancing; dental; F. Chanock; germophobic; Greek; hemophilia; J. Chernetski; J. Melnick; J. Warner; Jane Warner; K. Horn; Las Vegas, Nevada; law school; M. Horn; M. Ramos-Alvarez; married; Mexico City, Mexico; Miami Beach, Florida; money; mono; music; P. Lamb; pain management; Palo Alto, California; R. Massie; Rehoboth Beach, Delaware; road trip; S. Alperin; S. Chanock; Sammy Davis Jr.; San Francisco, California; scientific sons; Seattle, Washington; T. Spanos; Yakima, Washington

Subjects: American Academy of Pain Management; Beverly Hills Hotel; Case Western Reserve University; England; Mexico; National Institutes of Health; New York University; NIH; NYU; Texas; University of Cincinnati; Weizmann

106:55 - Polio Vaccine

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Partial Transcript: Continuing on. We were going to talk a little bit about the polio vaccine. And when it was announced that there was a live polio vaccine that was invented by your father what that was like for you.

Segment Synopsis: Sabin wraps up with her experiences growing up during the polio immunization effort and its impact the on her life.

Keywords: A. Leibovitz; All-City College Prep High School; anti-vaccers; blood draws; booster; candy/ice cream; Cincinnati, Ohio; clinician; D. Salk; doses; eradication program; F. Gilot; herd immunity; Honor Society; human guinea pigs; Humanities; Immunization campaign; immunization campaign; J. Salk; Jewish; language pathologists; Maricopa County; Maurice Hilleman; measles; medical field; MS; mutant; Oral; P. Picasso; P. Salk; paper bag; paralytic; Pediatrics Department; polio; practitioner; psychiatrist; Rotary clubs; Sabin; Salk vaccine; school; stool cup; Sundays; swabbed; Tournament of Roses parade; trails; vaccine

Subjects: Afghanistan; Cisco Systems; Duke University; Egypt; Gates Foundation; HIV/AIDS; Israel; New York University; Nigeria; NYU; Pakistan; Rotary International; University of Cincinnati; University of Washington; WHO; World Health Organization