Global Health Chronicles

Dr. Konstantin Chumakov

David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Global Health Chronicles
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0:34 - Early Life/Education

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Partial Transcript: So to begin with, would you just tell us a little bit about your background and training?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Chumakov discusses growing up the child of two well known Soviet virologists and how his practical work led him to the FDA.

Keywords: A. Sabin; American; annual scientific International symposium; childhood; I. Levenbrook; M. Chumakov; M. Gorbachev; M. Voroshilova; molecular alternative; Moscow; neurovirulence; OPV; oral polio vaccine; polio; residual virulence; V. Agol; virologist

Subjects: Communist Party; FDA; Food and Drug Administration; KGB; Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti; Lomonosov Moscow State University; Moscow University; perestroika; PNAS; poliomyelitis; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; Russia; Soviet Union; Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; United States of America; World Health Organization [WHO]

15:36 - Introduction to Science

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Partial Transcript: When you developed your interest and involvement in polio work, you sort of specialized in some areas, as well, did you not?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Chumakov shares his family’s history with polio research and how his early education introduced him to various scientific fields.

Keywords: Abkhazia region; American vaccine; auto mechanics; father; inactivated polio vaccine; Institute of Microbiology; IPV; laboratory of immunology; occupational hazard; oral polio vaccine; poliovirus; professional education; Salk vaccine; Sukhumi; T. Work; tick-borne encephalitis; V. Agol; virology technicians

Subjects: Academy of Sciences; Moscow University; Soviet Union

29:23 - Vaccine Trials

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Partial Transcript: So we are going to talk a bit about the polio vaccine trials in Russia now.

Segment Synopsis: Chumakov shares stories of his father and his father's colleagues during the last days of Josef Stalin's life. After Stalin died, the Communist Party Central Commission ask his father to organize a group to create a polio vaccine.

Keywords: A. Mikoyan; A. Shelokov; Baltic states; case control; clinical trial; eliminated; J. Melnick; J. Stalin; Jewish doctors; licensed; neurovirologist; Sabin Original Merck; Salk vaccine; SOM; vaccine-associated paralytic cases; vaccine-derived virus

Subjects: Academy of Medical Sciences; Communist Party; Communist Party Central Committee; Cuba; Estonia; FDA; Ivanovsky Institute of Virology; Japan; Latvia; Lenin Prize; Merck; Politburo; Soviet Union; vaccine-associated paralytic polio; VAPP; World War II

50:06 - Albert Sabin/Soviet Scientists

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Partial Transcript: Was he felt to be necessary to get the program going?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Chumakov shares some personal stories of Albert Sabin and his father’s colleagues and their roles with polio immunization program in the Soviet Union.

Keywords: A. Belyayeva; A. Sabin; A. Smorodintsev; American; B. Petrovsky; cancer therapy; Communist; D. Horstmann; Geneva; H. Koprowski; J. Salk; M. Chumakov; M. Voroshilova; measles vaccine; microbiologist; Minister of Health; Moscow, Russia; nonspecific protection; oncolytic viruses; Philadelphia; plant expression systems; polio vaccine; Russian culture; S. Drosdov; survivor of rabies; V. Soloviev; V. Timakov; viral oncotherapy; virologist; Washington D.C.

Subjects: Academy of Medical Sciences; Communist Party; Far East; FDA; Institute of Oncology; measles; OPV; oral polio vaccine; Russia; Sabin Institute; Soviet Union; Ukraine; United States; WHO

92:39 - Vaccination Development

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Partial Transcript: Did you ever work with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices?

Segment Synopsis: Chumakov describes some of the work his laboratory is working on and concludes his interview with the belief that immunization must never stop, even after eradication.

Keywords: C. Burns; environmental surveillance; inactivated vaccines; M. Pallansch; method development; new OPV; O. Kew; polio eradication; polio vaccine; public health epidemiology issue; S. Oberste; sporadic disease; vaccine; vaccine-associated adverse reactions; vaccine-derived polioviruses; wild poliovirus

Subjects: Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices [ACIP]; CDC; Global Polio Laboratory Network