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2016.128.001 - AGIL Survivor's Bucket.JPG


2014 - 2016


A green plastic bucket with a matching lid and metal handle decorated with an AGIL [Association pour la Promotion de la Gouvernance et des Initiatives Locales] sticker given to survivors of Ebola by the Survivor's Association of Forecariah in Guinea. The bucket contains a bar of soap, an ORS [Oral Rehydration Salts] packet, an empty white plastic chlorine bottle, black spickets, a solar powered radio, solar powered lamp, a portable solar panel, a plastic mat, a pair of yellow rubber shoes, an empty "Chlore'C" bottle, and an empty Aseptoman 500ml bottle.


United States Department of Health and Human Services [HHS], Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] with the Survivor's Association of Forecariah.


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