October, 1951


On cover: Animal disease reporting.

An Animal disease reporting program for Indiana / John H. Scruggs, L. Otis Emik -- The Complement fixation test / Elizabeth I. Parsons -- Community fly control operations--Oklahoma, 1950 / C. Heard Field and Melvin E. Griffith -- Spokane Rodent Control Program / William A. Hendrix -- "Salmonella" food poisoning / Mildred M. Galton -- Have you read ... ? -- Training of health educators / Ruth Sumner -- Are you a good supervisor? / George B. Tremmel -- The work of a public health engineer / Charles D. Spangler -- Human behavior patterns / R. E. Kious -- Problems in improving reported morbidity data as a tool for epidemiological research / R. E. Serfling and Ida L . Sherman -- -- Pictorial review: An Introduction to bacteriology (Series) -- Part I, Basic biology of bacteria [Production No.: CDC 5-174.0, released 1950; Filmstrip, 35 mm., sound, color, 7 minutes, 56 frames] -- Part II, Identifying pathogens [Production No.: CDC 5-175.0, released 1950; Filmstrip, 35 mm., sound, color, 9 minutes, 64 frames] -- -- Foreign visitors to CDC -- Book review: Enterobacteriaceae -- The Interdepartmental Committee on Pest Control -- Reported cases of rabies in animals -- Recent publications by CDC personnel -- Morbidity data.

Federal Security Agency, Public Health Service, Communicable Disease Center, Atlanta, Ga.

32 numbered pages


The David J. Sencer CDC Museum at the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30333


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