Address by the Timi of Ede

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Millar, Donald (Author); CDC; Director, SEP
A memo for the record of the address given by the Timi of Ede (The Royal Highness of the province of Ede, Nigeria) on the occasion of a celebration commemorating the 10 millionth person vaccinated in Nigeria. The address describes the historical impact of smallpox and measles in the area, describes the role of the god, Sonponna, whose followers attempted to continue the transmission of smallpox.

Following the address, which was given in the village square, the US party wasinvited to the Timi's dwelling for tea. On the walls were a certificate making the Timi a Kentucky Colonel and an Honorary Alumnus of Western Michigan University. When he was asked about this he said the US Department of State sent him on lecture tours of theUS to give lectures on the talking drum. When several members of the party express skepticism he gave convinceing demonstrations. He explained the the tension on thje drum head could be changed to give sounds that were parts of the Yoruba language.



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