Dr. James H. Steele
Dr. Steele discusses his activities in W.H.O. and his 1946 memo recommending a veterinary component for control of zoonotic diseases and…
Earl H. Arnold
Earl H. Arnold, Assistant Director - Laboratory Division Virus & Rickettsial, (Montgomery, Alabama), Sanitary Engineer

Interviewed by…
Dr. James Steele
Dr. Steele discussed establishment of the veterinary corps, first at the NIH under Dr. Joseph Mountin and then as a program at the CDC. He…
August 15, 1986
Dr. Mark Hollis
Mark Hollis was the Medical Officer in Charge of the Malaria Control in War Areas (MCWA) Program within in the Public Health Service from…
June 24, 1985
Dr. Marion Brooke
Dr. Marion M. Brooke describes his numerous roles during his 40-year career at the CDC, including; parasitologist, educator, international…
March 15, 1984
Dr. Morris Schaeffer, MD. PhD.
Dr. Morris Schaeffer, MD. PhD. Former Chief of the Virus and Rickettsia Section, Montgomery, Alabama, describes his years with the Virus and…
Dr. Melvin H. Goodwin Interview
Entomologist Dr. Melvin H. Goodwin, epidemiologist with the U.S. Public Health Service, describes the beginnings of CDC and Malaria Control…
June 15, 1983
Dr. Tom D.Y. Chin, MD, MPH
Dr. Tom Chin was the director of the Kansas City field station, which began as “Midwestern CDC Services’ in 1949.

Interviewed by Dr.…
Dr. William B. Cherry
Dr. Bill Cherry, retired Scientific Director of United States Public Health Service, talks of the many projects and people with whom he…