Criminal at Large


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This film is an animated filmograph describing the danger of malaria transmission by the Anopheles mosquito. A cub reporter is depicted trying to investigate the story of "Anna Awful" (anopheles), an evil femme fatale of sorts who is sickening and terrorizing people. As the reporter gathers "the scoop," we see shots that include: diagrams of eggs, larva, and pupa, the difference between male and female adults, the way the female transmits malaria organisms, and the difference between Anopheles quadrimaculatus and Culex mosquitoes.
TRT 14:00

Produced by the Office of Malaria Control in War Areas, Federal Security Agency, Public Health Service.


U. S. National Library of Medicine, History of Medicine Division, Images and Archives Section at the National Institutes of Health, 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20894


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