Aedes Aegypti Control
Training Film
Aedes Aegypti mosquito and control

Black and White
TRT 18:00

Produced by Training and Education Division of the…
Ancylostoma caninum in the intestine of the dog
TRT 05:00
Produced by the Communicable Disease Center,U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, U.S. Public Health Service
Boisfeuillet Jones
Interview with Boisfeuillet Jones, by Bill Watson, former Deputy Director and Dr. William Foege, CDC. AUDIO only for the first 24 minutes
December 6, 1988
Boisfeuillet Jones: 4th Annual Mountin Lecture
President of the Trebor Foundation, Atlanta, Georgia.
Boisfeuillet Jones recounts early history of CDC and Emory relationship, he is…
October 26, 1983
CDC: 40 years of Prevention
Early years of Communicable Disease Center (CDC) and an introduction to CDC's new buildings on 1600 Clifton Road, Atlanta, Georgia. PART I:…
Criminal at Large
This film is an animated filmograph describing the danger of malaria transmission by the Anopheles mosquito. A cub reporter is depicted…
DDT as a Mosquito Larvicide
Hand mixing and spraying of DDT.

Black and White
TRT 17:35

U.S. Public Health Service Training Film.

This film teaches how to…
DDT: weapon against disease
The discovery of D.D.T. during World War II, its effectiveness against lice, mosquitoes, and flies; tests made on its effectiveness; and…
Diagnosis of Tuberculosis with an Improved Culture Medium
A Laboratory Manual.

The demonstration of tubercie bacilli recovered from suspected cases is the only sure means of diagnosing…