Health Education Against Malaria
A teacher learns the facts about malaria control and mosquito elimination in a health education course sponsored by local, state, and…
Interview with Dr. Ralph B. Hogan
Interviewd by Dr. Walter Dowdle
IT'S UP TO YOU: Dengue-Yellow Fever Control
This film depicts a representative community campaign to control Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in order to prevent dengue and yellow fever. Shots…
Keep 'em out
Black and white
TRT: 10:00
Produced by Stark Films, in cooperation with the U.S. Public Health Service
Malaria Control in the Kentucky Reservoir
Chapter II: Reservoir Preparations
A documentary film photographed during the preparation of the Reservoir.
TRT 32:00

Presented by the Tennessee Valley Authority…
Mark Hollis speech during the 46th Anniversary celebration of Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Priscilla Holman introduces Dr. Mason and then Dr. James Mason (former CDC Director) introduces Mark Hollis.

Mark Hollis was the Officer…
June 24, 1985
MCWA 1942-1946 Predecessor to CDC
The people and work accomplished during 1942-1946, by the Office of Malaria Control in War Areas (MCWA) and the U. S. Public Health Service.…
Medicine in Action
Pacific Enemy No. 2: Malaria
Black and White
TRT 10:28

Produced by the U. S. Navy
Microfilariae of Wuchereria bancrofti
Silent film
Spread through a mosquito vector
TRT: 04:00
Produced by the Communicable Disease Center. Federal Security Agency, U. S.…
October 1947