Opening of 2006 Smallpox Staff Reunion
Welcome remarks by Dr. Steve Blount, Director of the Office of Global Health at CDC, followed by remarks by Stan Foster sketching theā€¦
Smallpox Eradication in Bangladesh
Vince Radke describes a search for the last case of smallpox in Bangladesh as a Peace Corps volunteer

July 12, 2008
UN Film of Last Case of Endemic Smallpox
A film that describes the search for and containment of the last case of endemic smallpox in the World. This case was in Somalia.
Warren Barrash Talk at Seminar, 2008
Warren Barrash describes the severe difficulties of working in Ethiopia--remoteness, traditional beliefs, civil unrest.
World Health Organization Perspective of Smallpox Eradication in Southeast Asia
Dr. D. A. Henderson reviews the eradication of smallpox in Southeast Asia from the perspective of the World Health Organization introducedā€¦
July 12, 2008