Closing Remarks 2008 Smallpox Seminar
Closing remarks and introduction of Dr. Mahendra Dutta former health commissioner of New Delhi, India by Dr. David Sencer
July 12, 2008
Discussion and Concluding Remarks of Seminar
Questions and comments at the close of the seminar sessions. Stan Foster moderates and adds closing remarks.
Discussion following Reunion Seminar
Comments from the audience following the seminar. Commentators are Tom Mack, Tim Miner and John Noble.
Don Francis Talk at Seminar 2008
Dr. Francis describes outbreak control in India Smallpox Eradication Program
Introduction to Reunion Seminar
Dr. Stan Foster gives general intoduction to meeting and then Dr. Steve Blount Director of the Office of Global Health gives a CDC welcome.
Jean Roy Lecture on Measles and Malaria
Jean Roy describes the progress of measles and malaria control in Africa that has been an out growth of the smallpox eradication concepts
July 12, 2008
Jeannie Lythcott Seminar Presentation
Jeannie Lythcott, widow of Dr. George Lythcott, the Chief of the West African operations, describes escapades and accomplishments of her…
Mark LaForce Oral History
Dr. LaForce describes his experiences as an epidemiologist in Bangladesh in 1973
Miracle in Tonga
Produced by the U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Public Health Service Audiovisual Center Production, Communicable Disease…