Dr. James H. Steele DVM, MPH
Dr. James H. Steele describes his role in the incorporation of veterinary medicine into public health at the Communicable Disease Center and…
November 12, 2011
Dr. Linton and June Bishop
Dr. Linton Bishop, one of the founders of the Department of Cardiology at Emory University recounts how the Emory community worked with and…
September 5, 2011
Dr. Malcolm Denley
Dr. Denley describes being a part of the Army Specialized Training Program during medical school and being recruited to the EIS (Epidemic…
November 30, 2011
Dr. Myron Schultz
Dr. Myron “Mike” Schultz, DVM, MD, DCMT, FACP (EIS 1963) and his wife, Selma describe their experiences at CDC and other public health…
May 20, 2012
Dr. Tom D. Y. Chin
Dr. Tom D.Y. Chin became interested in public health as a child living in Hamilton, MT, where the Rocky Mountain NIH lab was located. He…
August 9, 2012
Dr. Tom Sellers, Jr.
Dr. Thomas Sellers, Jr., is a second generation Emory School of Medicine graduate
who was instrumental in helping develop the community…
July 18, 2012
Dr. William Cherry
William “Bill” B. Cherry, PhD became interested in working with bacteria while in undergraduate school. His first job, was at National…
December 12, 2011
Dr. William Collins
Dr. William “Bill” Collins has a career spanning over 50 years in the U.S. Public Health
Service as an entomologist and parasitologist.…
January 20, 2012
Harold Mauldin
Harold Mauldin began his career in 1948. He was one of the first six public health advisors at CDC.

Interviewed by Karen Torghele and…
February 23, 2012