"REVISITED: The Smallpox Eradication/Measles Control Program in West and Central Africa" by Don Millar
Presentation at seminar at time of West Africa Reunion by Don Millar, who was Director of the Smallpox Eradication Program from 1966-1970. …
"Smallpox Eradication Program in Brazil" by Leo Morris
Stan Foster introduces Leo Morris. Leo began at CDC working as a statistician and testing the jet injectors for vaccine trials in Brazil.…
"Summation of West African Program" by Bill Foege
Bill Foege shares anecdotes from his time in West Africa, and reflects on the search for wisdom from the experience of smallpox eradication…
"Zero Smallpox"
A recording of a panel by CDC staff in 1979 to commemorate the attainment of the goal of "Zero Smallpox". With an introduction by Bill…
2008 Smallpox Eradication Seminar
Welcoming remarks for the seminar by Stephen Blount, Director of the Office of Global Health at the Centers for Disease Control and…
Jult 12, 2008
2008_Seminar Foster on Bangladesh
Dr. Foster discusses the Bangladesh Smallpox Eradication Program
A Conversation between Dr. Mahendra Dutta and Dr. William Foege
A conversation between two of the key people in the smallpox eradication program in India

Dr. Mahendra Dutta, former New Delhi, India…
July 10, 2008
Bangladesh Smallpox Presentation
A presentation created from photographs and materials gathered by Michael Schwartz, a physician from the United States, regarding his work…
Bill Foege on Disease Prevention in 21st Century
Dr. Foege describes the challenges of the 21st Century and opportunity to solve those challenges. He discusses the changes that are taking…